Vintage Levi's Boyfriend Jeans

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The best thing about vintage Levi's is they have no elastic in the fabric, which we think make for the best feel, fit and durability. This is the "Boyfriend" style, tapered from the hips to slim fit at the ankle, with a high waist. There may be signs of resizing around the waist band. The badge on the back of the waist may have come from another pair of Levi's, or the size details may not match due to shrinkage of the denim.

The condition is very good with no flaws to mention.
All jeans come freshly laundered.

Finding the right size for you..
To ensure the best fit of these vintage Levi's boyfriend jeans, please compare the measurements below to another pair of jeans which fit you well. Remember that this pair will have zero stretch in them. Measure the smallest part of your waist to find your size in inches. This will get you a very slim fit, if you want something with a more relaxed fit, add an inch.


Vintage Levi's

Levi's are the most iconic jeans brand in the world. Levi Strauss invented blue jeans almost 150 years ago and the brand is still a classic style staple.

These vintage Levi's boyfriend jeans have been professionally re-modified from a larger size, and are 100% authentic. The badge on the back of the waist may show a different sizing and style code if it's been recycled from a different pair of jeans.

Levi's High Waist Jeans

The Boyfriend jeans are style numbers 550 and 560 and have a high rise waist, and tapered from the hips to fit slim at the ankle.
The condition of these vintage Levi's boyfriend jeans is very good with no visible flaws, but there may be a few signs of the resizing, around the waistband, that you can see in the individual listings for each size.
When you are choosing the size that you want, we strongly suggest you go to the individual listings for each size to see the particular colour and wear of then jeans we will be sending you. Every pair of these vintage Levi's boyfriend jeans is slightly different, depending on when and where it was made and how many times it's been washed.
Buying second hand jeans is a really smart choice. You get the aged character of the denim that can takes years of wear to achieve and it makes a significant difference to saving the planet. Plus you save money and that’s always a good thing! 

The best way to measure the right fit for a pair of jeans is to grab a measuring tape. Lay out a pair of jeans that you like the fit of, and take the measurements. That way you can compare those measurements to the pair you are considering purchasing. To measure the waist, Place the tape horizontally across the waistband. Rise. This is measured from the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Seat- Place the tape across the bottom of the fly. This will give a hip/seat measurement. Make sure not to move the tape up and down. Inside Leg- Place the tape on the inside of the leg and measure from the crotch to the ankle.

Buy Vintage Levi's

The environmental impact of manufacturing jeans is really high. Huge amounts of water and chemicals are used. More than half of global cotton production – 57 per cent – takes place in areas under high or extreme water stress, according to data compiled by the World Resources Institute. Only 30 per cent of the cotton produced comes from natural rain fed farming. The rest relies on irrigation, mainly wasteful flood irrigation. As well as being a thirsty crop, cotton cultivation currently uses lots of chemicals – 4 per cent of all world pesticides and 10 per cent of insecticides are used in cotton-growing. These poisons can pollute local eco-systems and drinking water supplies.That being said, wearing second hand cotton garments is a very good idea. Pure cotton, is much more breathable, and 100% natural and hyperallergenic so feels better on skin. Cotton is also better at wicking moisture away from the body, which means absorbing sweat. Polyesters and other man made fibers can contain toxic cancer causing fibers. Cotton is very strong. It can shrink during the first wash but if you are buying second hand cotton items, they will be preshrunk and already worn in and flexible.

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We estimate our sizes based on these charts. Measure yourself to find out your size.

We also provide measurements of the garment in the description, and
suggest you grab a tape measure and compare the size to something
similar of your own, to best gauge how it will fit.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our vintage items and will not offer anything for sale that looks too worn out, has noticeable stains or needs repairs.  However, being vintage, you should expect that most items will have signs of general wash and wear.  We inspect every item carefully and will describe any noticeable faults, such as holes, marks or fading in the listings. 

How we rate the condition...

Brand New- Newly made products.

Excellent- Flawless, no signs of wear.

Very good-slightly worn, or a negligible fault that is not obvious.

Good- may have some wear and/or minor fading, small marks,stains, minor pilling,  a few stitches missing etc.

Fair- Has obvious flaws, however is still wearable and/or collectable.  Faults will be outlined in the listing.


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