Men's Vintage Clothing Online Australia


We at Cult Bravery are passionate about bringing quality mens vintage clothing back into circulation. For years it was an untapped market, so we have been able to find many lines of great high-quality items, you will definitely want to wear. Mixing vintage into your wardrobe will give you a more distinctive, unique style. We offer items that have been worn in just to the right point, so they look lived in but not worn out.

We only offer you high-quality fabrics, which if you look after them, can be worn daily and stand up to the test of time. If you’re brave and savvy, investing in vintage will give you a whole new outlook on what you choose to wear. You can purchase without the guilt that fast fashion brings, and you’re doing something positive not negative for the environment.

You can try out different silhouettes favoured by different eras and find what suits you best. You can discover the feeling that different fabrics bring, and many of these you don’t find in new items anymore. A customer (and friend) recently bought a sheepskin bomber jacket to wear on his motorbike and he is continually talking about how warm it is and how he never knew such a jacket could exist. Leather can be very expensive when purchased new but you can pick it up secondhand for a fraction of the price. Buying vintage also allows you to have a wardrobe filled with European-made fashion, produced by high-end tailors using premium fabrics, which you might not ordinarily be able to afford and no one else will have. Vintage gives you the opportunity to create a wardrobe like no other, your very own personal fashion museum. 

Vintage Men’s Clothes Australia 

One of our favourite styles for men is the rugged look, as epitomized by movie stars from the 1950s right through til now. Have you noticed how many Carharrt jackets are in USA films? Fabrics that are part of the rugged look is usually very hard wearing and can be very stiff when bought new, (think leather, denim, duck cotton). That’s why buying them vintage is often a good idea because the hard yards where the fabric looks stiff have been done for you and there’s no awkward period where you’re trying to break something in and it so obviously looks like it!

We stock a large range of vintage mens clothes like leather jackets, ranging from sheepskin with inner fleece lining, leather motorcycle jackets, suede Western-style cowboy jackets with tassel trims, and longer-line ranch coats. Most of our leather range is from the USA, although we also specialize in vintage German 1950s style motorbike jackets, which have red leather trims and epaulettes. Occasionally we find horse leather jackets from the second world war or other unusual hides to offer you. A best seller for us is the sheepskin B3 bomber jackets. These were worn by fighter pilots in the freezing skies over Europe in the second world war. They are soft and flexible leather on the outside in various shades of tan, and the shearling (fur) or the sheep on the inside, lapels and cuffs. They are a timeless centrepiece for any man's wardrobe, to keep warm and look ruggedly stylish.

We also sell leather and wool felt men's hats in our mens clothing stores Melbourne. Hats are a fun accessory that adds a bit of drama to a gentleman’s wardrobe and life. Most of our range is proudly made in Australia. 

Vintage Men's Clothing Online

We love the Wild West look, and apart from our Western outerwear for men, we also specialize in Western shirts. Mens clothing brands Australia such as the most famous Wrangler, PanHandle Slim and Roper are all USA brands we offer, that have made an extraordinary, imaginative array of Western shirts, taking inspiration from the art of American Indian tribes, and the ancient Aztecs. The rich colours used in the thick cotton shirts really pack a punch and these are great items to collect, for the beautiful array of colours and patterns.

For wardrobe staples, we offer high-quality cotton button-up mens shirts Melbourne, by only the best brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Levis. These come in plain colours, checks and pinstripes and cover you from the office to the pub, to the wedding.

Another favourite line we do is woollen plaid jackets from the 1970s, in woodcutter and CPO style. These are incredibly warm and always look good. Many of them come with a fleece lining and corduroy collars. Our range of Levis, Lee and Wrangler denim jackets also feature fleece and blanket lining and sometimes corduroy collars. The Carharrt and Dickies duck cotton jackets we offer also have blanket lining and cord collars and are highly durable and stylish.

There are so many inspiring styles of vintage mens clothing worth discovering and we hope you can find something you love through Cult Bravery’s mens clothing online Australia.