Men's Festival Party Collection


Have you been looking for your next favourite part piece? Welcome to our world of men’s parties and mens festival wear. Cult Bravery offers you an eclectic choice of styles to put together your festival outfits men in preparation for the next festival season. We have a large range of festival clothing Australia to suit outdoor or indoor festivals and doof parties, costume and era-themed dress-up parties, going out shirts and jackets with a bit of fun injected it to them, or even something special for a wedding, when you want to stand out from the crowd.

Men’s Festival Outfits

Here, you can check out our selection of mens festival outfits such as mens festival shirts, men's party shirts, men's vintage jackets, and doof vests from the old raver days. We also have a special, hard-to-find collection of original 1970s body shirts, which all have very interesting prints. Mesh, sheer shirts are also a popular style that looks great teamed up open, over a t-shirt or just worn with nothing underneath, for a spicy edge. Aloha and Hawaiian shirts are great for barbeques and outdoor events. We sell the authentic ones which come with real coconut buttons. No two pieces are the same, so you’ll have something that’s one of a kind. Our paisley shirts with metallic thread create the hard-to-nail bohemian look. We are exclusive Australian stockists of these and all of our new range of festival shirts, so you won’t see every random dude in the same shirt as you when you’re out and about. Choose your favourite Shirt according to your personal taste. One of our most popular designs, which is exclusive to Cult Bravery, is the holographic party shirts, that come in both gold and silver, in a long sleeve and short sleeve design. They are a stretchy amazing fabric that really lights up the room! They are perfect for bucks nights, weddings, special occasions such as milestone birthdays, costume parties with themes like Studio 54, 1970’s parties, (think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever) and of course great for all kinds of festivals too.

Also in our party wear range, we have accessories for you to browse. 

Men's Festival Clothing Online

For parties and festivals, you can never have too many men’s accessories. This is something that helps you to create your own individual and unique style. The accessories give your festival mens outfits an edge, and this means you need a good selection to choose from to allow you to change up the look. Some of the things we offer in our mens festival clothing stores include bags, hats, suspenders or braces and can be used as the perfect men’s accessories when it comes to adding colour, texture and pattern. Our online range of accessories for men is aimed at men brave enough to step outside the predictable looks. We offer pieces with character and personality and environmentally sustainable roots, so you can feel peace of mind when you purchase. We use personal service, fast deliveries and free shipping within Australia, to make sure that we achieve our number one goal: truly satisfied customers. 

A tip for matching your accessories with your jacket, festival shirt or suit is to either use different shades of the same colour, or different colours of the same tone. Sharper contrasts emphasize what makes individual pieces unique, regardless of whether it is their pattern, colour or fabric.

Suspenders are a great men's accessory worth experimenting with. The first suspenders were worn in France in the 18th century. They were basically strips of ribbon attached to the buttonholes of trousers. Visible suspenders were considered risqué as recently as 1938, when a town in Long Island, NY tried to ban gentlemen from wearing them without a coat, calling it "sartorial indecency." In the early 1820s, British designer Albert Thurston began to manufacture the first known modern-day suspenders, which the British called braces. Men's pants were so high-waisted at that time, that a belt could not actually be used to hold them up. Thurston's suspenders used a leather loop attachment. These days, braces are still great for holding up loose pants but also creating a distinguished gentleman's look. They are also associated with gangsters of the 1920s like Bugsy Malone and are a popular accessory for dress-up parties or gangster balls.

Bum bags are another popular mens festival accessory. Also known politely as waist bags, or as the Americans call them- fanny packs. The French call them banana bags, and kidney bags is the name in Spain. Historically, the bag was positioned in front of the body, so people could protect themselves from bandits. They are still popular for this reason, with tourists and festival-goers. The modern version came into use in the 1980s and they were especially in vogue in the 1990s, but gradually their use fell into decline in the 2000s These days they make a great accessible spot to store phones, keys, water, tissues etc when you’re out and about.