Women's Jackets & Coats


Cult Bravery has a large selection of jackets and coats in stock, all year round. We search far and wide to bring you spectacular, unique, original and wearable jackets and coats that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for something to walk the dog in, make your staple jacket for Winter, wear out to a party or festival, or take on holiday to a cold destination, we have you covered. We want you to buy things you will keep in your collection forever.

Some of our favourite coats, we’ve been wearing for 20 years or more, and they were made in the 1960s and 70s jacket womens, which makes them 50- 60 years old! And they’re still going strong! 

In our retail stores, and online, we have a large range of women’s vintage jackets and coats. We sell wool coats from the 1950s through to the 1990s. These are very expensive to buy new and the styles haven’t changed much over the years, so it’s often a smart choice to pick one up second-hand. We sell wool jackets as well. In the 1980s Australia had a love affair with wool and there were a lot of stylish, angular, top-end wool jackets manufactured. These still look incredible today and we love to stock them when we find them. 

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple that always looks better when purchased second-hand. . It is already broken in, so you get the aged character of the denim that can take years of wear to achieve. We love the 1990’s designer denim brands the best, such as Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler, Guess, Diesel and Tommy Hilfiger. From cropped styles to long line relaxed fits, marble wash to black or white denim, we stock them all. 

Vintage Coats and Jackets Online

Some of the styles we stock, like the Penny Lane ’70s, and Embroidered Shearling Afghan vintage coat are very popular and are sold in the blink of an eye. When we list them online, they mostly get sent off to very cold destinations in the upper realms of Europe. Ironically, this is where most of them were made! Vintage leather and fur jackets are very valuable for many reasons. There are so many wearable, very high-quality, original, on-trend-looking leather and fur pieces still available on the second-hand market that there really is not a lot of reason to make more. Ethically, it’s much better to wear existing furs and leathers than to create demand for any more. We love vintage leather motorcycle jackets, 1980’s long line leather jackets, 1970’s cropped, tight leather jackets with big lapels, Woodstock era Indian-inspired leather ponchos and fringed tops, 1980s fringed leather jackets, and leather corsetry. Sheepskin and shearling vintage coats, jackets and vests, embroidered, trimmed and dyed are all very appealing to us, and wonderful to wear. These are so expensive new and you don’t see the ornamentation on the new garments, which were used in the 1970s. These folk-style techniques were first used by artisans from the hill tribes of Afghanistan, and Nepal, and were copied by Bohemian fashion designers from Europe in the early 1970s. We’re also a big fan of vintage suede and find it to be a timeless chic fashion choice. 

Women’s Vintage Jacket and Coat

Our selection of new jackets and coats varies from season to season. We like faux fur in bold colours and patterns. It is lightweight, inexpensive and makes a big statement. It’s also very hardy and unlike the real thing, indestructible. Faux fur is a great choice for bush festivals because it’s super warm at night, and if you buy something highly patterned, you won’t notice the dirt that will inevitably get all over your outfit! We like faux fur vests a lot too. There is great potential for interesting layering with them. You keep your torso warm and can wear a contrasting tight-sleeved top, to keep svelte lines in your silhouette. Faux fur jackets from the 1950s to the 1970s are another favourite. They come in a great cropped style, usually worn open and sometimes have a wide lapel and single button near the waist. Usually, they simulate the look of fox or mink fur. The longer hip-length styles are also great and so easy to wear. 

Another style of vintage jacket we like to keep in stock is the 1980s spray jacket. These are ingeniously cut and panelled, nylon bomber jackets, made from an array of wonderful colours and patterns. Mostly made in Taiwan, these beauties are energetically inspiring and fun. Around this time, the late 1980s denim made a big comeback and China started to produce some very interesting denim jackets and coats. The wash of the denim was always a feature, marble, stone, bleach etc., creating exciting, highly textured-looking denim. Designs had many panels, often reminiscent of cocoon coats from the 1920s and the cuts were the main draw card. There are always lots of intricate details in these jackets, such as satin or corduroy panels, luxe linings, hoods, pull cords, big collars, etc. Keep your eye out for these in Cult Bravery stores, because they never last long! These rare beauties become some lucky customer’s prized signature jacket, unlike anything else around. 

We at Cult Bravery, are passionate about bringing you the best new and vintage jacket womens and vintage coats Australia on the market today, which are wearable, affordable, collectable and cool.