Women's Vintage Clothing Online Australia


Did you know women who wear vintage clothing have way more fun with their wardrobe? If you’re smart and brave enough to wear vintage clothing for women, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you. You can buy without the guilt trip of the environmental impact of your purchase. You can experiment with the different shapes favoured by different eras. You can discover the feel of different fabrics that you don’t find in new items anymore, like plush cotton velvets or ribbed rayons.

Items made of leather and silk for example can be very expensive new but picked up for a fraction of the price when they are purchased second-hand. It’s also possible to have a wardrobe filled with items made in Italy and France, by high-end tailors using premium fabrics, which you might not ordinarily be able to afford and no one else will have. Womens vintage gives you the opportunity to create a wardrobe like no other, your very own personal fashion museum. 

Don’t we all love and cherish something from our Mother’s wardrobe? Being the guardian of fabulous fashion is a wonderful thing.

Vintage Women’s Clothing Australia

At Cult Bravery, our careful selection of items is designed to inspire you and those around you in your sartorial choices. Our party wear range aims to make you the person in the room making heads turn, and standing out in the crowd. We have the best-selling glomesh tops in our vintage womens clothing collection that are perfect for your birthday party, prom parties, disco, Studio 54 and 1970s-themed themed parties, clubbing and of course dates where you want to shine and amp up the sexy vibes! We also sell a wide range of stretchy cropped corset bustier tops with in-built cups, which perfectly shape you without showing visible bra straps. Some have feather trims for flirty fun and something a bit different. Another style we have is boned corsets in plain neutral colours, which can be styled very easily while still making a big impact. These are great because they accentuate your shape and elevate your look but don’t draw all the attention. You can pair these with something more eye-catching, like a patterned skirt or pants or a statement jacket. At the higher end of the range, we have embellished corsets, with dazzling jewels, pearls, baubles and studs. These are great for performances, festivals or special nights out where the sky is the limit for fashion. All of the jewels are stitched on by hand and the fabric is very sturdy and of high quality.

Women's Vintage Clothing Online

Dresses are another area we specialize in. We choose dresses and jumpsuits for parties, festivals and special occasions such as birthdays or themed dress-up parties. We have a great selection of dresses from the art deco, flapper 1920s era. Our best seller is the fringed and sequin flapper dress, with adjustable spaghetti straps, which is stretchy and falls mid-thigh in length. The diagonal tassel creates amazing movement under the lights of a dance floor and many ballroom dancers and performers have bought these dresses, knowing the power of the diagonal tassels. In the art deco range, we also have some amazing sequined shift dresses with ¾ sleeves, where the shape and colours of the sequins form the wow factor of the dress. Bronzes, golds, emeralds, silvers, sequins, and bugle beads make up some incredible designs. We also have mini dresses in the flirty flapper style, some with high necklines that are sleeveless.

Another classic womens clothing wardrobe staple we like to bring to you is vintage pure silk blouses. These are often exquisitely embroidered, usually in Asia and have always been at the forefront of producing beautiful cutwork and embroidery on the silk blouses. These look eternally chic and very feminine in an understated way. Wearing silk is an experience we recommend for everyone, it feels light, cool and smooth. Being a natural fibre it’s very breathable and also very strong. 

We always have our finger on the pulse of the latest streetwear trends and bring you lines to suit the times. At the moment vintage denim overalls and 80s womens clothing like spray jackets are in fashion, and we hand pick the best to bring you. We are also loving the 1970’s bohemian trend, so check out our womens vintage clothing selection of suede and folk style vests.

Whatever your style and budget, we hope you will consider shopping our eclectic range of new and vintage items, which are all hand-picked with love and pride. Our goal is to deliver you wardrobe staples and special heritage items you can treasure forever through our womens clothing Australia online.