Vintage Levis Denim Australia

Levis are the most iconic jeans brand in the world. Levi Strauss invented blue jeans almost 150 years ago and the brand is still a classic style staple. 1873 is considered the “birthday” of blue jeans, because although denim pants had been around as workwear for many years, it was the act of placing rivets in these traditional pants for the first time that created what we now call jeans. Until 1960 however, they were known as waist overalls. The name Jeans came from the city of Genoa in Italy, where cotton corduroy, called either jean or jeane, was manufactured.

These jeans have often been have been professionally re-modified from a larger size, and are all 100% authentic. The badge on the back of the waist may show a different sizing and style code if it's been recycled from a different pair of Levis jeans. 

The Trucker Jacket is a Levi’s original that’s made history. Our iconic, instantly recognizable jean jacket has been a symbol of individual self-expression for decades. It’s also a perfect in-between layer that looks just as good over a tee or under a coat. First released in 1967, it’s branded branded metal buttons . This iconic essential truly looks good on everyone, even when sized up or down.

The 550 Boyfriend style was introduced in 1985 and originally called the Street Jean. It’s a preshrunk, heavy weight denim in a slightly baggy style. It has a mid-high rise waist and tapers in to fit slim at the ankle.. They feel like an old favorite from the first time you wear them.

The 517 bootcut style was first introduced in 1969 during the height of the counterculture movement. It became a canvas for self-expression: political, musical preference or personal style.

This style sits at your waist, is slim through the seat and thigh and has a slight flare fits over boots.

The 501 Original Fit Jeans is the very style Levis released. It’s been worn by generations, defining style for decades. Made with an iconic straight fit and a signature button fly for an authentic look and feel.

Corduroy jeans are super soft and way more comfortable than regular jeans. Corduroy is a ridged fabric, usually cotton, made up of pile-cut yarn that’s been woven and cut into cords, or wales. These tufted cords give the textile a fuzzy hand feel that’s perfect for Autumn and winter. The wavy textile actually traces all the way back to fustian, a heavy, woven fabric invented in Ancient Egypt. Over time, it made its way to Western Europe and became much sought-after amongst nobles and merchants. But it wasn’t until the late 18th century that the ribbed corduroy we know and love today emerged in England.

Since then, this menswear staple’s soft texture, warmth and durability won over students, beatniks and workers alike. When it comes to caring for corduroy, the most important thing you can do is to wash garments inside out. This will prevent the ribbed side from getting matted and reduce fading. 


Buying second hand jeans is a really smart choice. They are already broken in, so you get the aged character of the denim that can takes years of wear to achieve. It makes a significant difference to saving the planet. The environmental impact of manufacturing jeans is really high. Huge amounts of water and chemicals are used. It takes on average 6660 litres of water to make each and every pair of jeans! Plus you save money buying second hand, which always feels good!


The environmental impact each year of an average household’s clothing is equal to the water needed to fill 1,000 bathtubs and the carbon emissions from driving an average modern car for 10,000 kms. If the average wear of clothing was extended by just 3 months, it would reduce the carbon and water footprints, plus the waste, by as much as five to 10%.

It's difficult to find a garment as ubiquitoius with such wide appeal around the world, as jeans. The classic symbol of the American West has become a staple in wardrobes all over the world. Cowboys wear them but so do supermodels, farmers, politicians and teenagers.

They're comfortable, long lasting and easy to wear, plus they're sexy and cool. Jeans mean different things to different people. 

In every country anthropologist Danny Miller (author of the book Blue Jeans) has visited - from the Philippines to Turkey, India and Brazil - Miller stopped and counted the first 100 people to walk by, and in each he found that almost half the population wore jeans on any given day. 

According to Danny Miller, jeans are worn all around the world, with the exception of rural parts of South Asia and China.

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