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Men’s Party and Festival Shirts Australia

Cult Bravery have been providing Melbourne lads with the most unique, covetable and on point party and festival shirts, for over a decade. We sell a range of both vintage shirts and new shirts, exclusive to us. We pride ourselves on selling you only the best quality and style. We are always passionate about the endless array of vintage party shirts that come through our warehouse. Every shirt tells a different and unique story, made up from its label, the fabric and print, the button choice, the cut.

Every piece that comes through is hand chosen by us, and after years of experience, we are very discerning about what makes the cut. Some vintage shirts have personality in spades and these are the ones that make it in to the Cult Bravery mix.

Online Men’s Party and Festival Shirts

We have a popular selection of exclusive, new men’s party and festival shirts, which fit the bill for any festive occasion. The gold and silver holographic party shirts are perfect for disco themed parties or celebrations of the highest order, with their special sparkle. Performers often buy them and they’ve been used in advertisements and movies, for their distinct celebratory vibes! Another sexy option is our sheer animal print shirts. Made from fine mesh, they are semitransparent and look good with or without something underneath. These have rock star vibes, and would be good for an outdoor festival. Our metallic snakeskin shirt is another wild and unique exclusive Cult Bravery shirt, which will keep you standing out from the crowd.

One of our most popular men’s party and festival shirts are the always classic vintage Hawaiian shirts. Every man should experience the laid back joy of a soft, comfortable, energetic printed Hawaiian shirt, which is a celebration of fun in the sun, or sunset! We mostly buy Hawaiian shirts that are made in Hawaii because these have the most interesting, well executed prints and highest quality fabrics. This is because they have been making them there since the early part of the 20th century and generations of artisans have passed on the trade.

Men’s Party and Festival Shirts

The origins of these shirts are from the intricate motifs of Japanese Art and also Korean and Chinese. During the 1930’s and 40’s they became very popular with US serviceman, many of who returned to the mainland USA with an exotic Aloha Shirt in tow. In the 1950’s the Hawaiian shirt became more elevated in status, after Elvis Presley wore Alfred Shaheen’s designs in the movie Blue Hawaii. The style became more sophisticated and veered away from the loud, bold patterns and colours for a time. 

These days, Chinese manufacturers are producing cheap Hawaiian style shirts for the mass market. If you compare these to a good authentic vintage Hawaiian shirt, they are soulless and sad. A good Hawaiian shirt will always have real coconut buttons, which is a great way of using a natural by-product, local to the area they are made in. It’s a good environmental choice.

In the 1980’s Hawaiian shirts morphed into the abstract Aloha shirt, which uses many of the same elements of a Hawaiian shirt, such as cut, fabric and the use of coconut buttons, but the prints became more abstract. Pastel shades were very popular, gelati colours of pink, blue, green and yellow. Then into the 1990’s energetic, dark toned primitive prints became popular. Many of the USA brands took the time to produce seriously good stuff, experimenting with block printing, which was used by more traditional cultures in textile designs. Tori Richards, a Hawaiian company that has been around since the 1950’s made some wonderful prints during this period.

Our range of rare vintage 1970’s body shirts with dagger collars are a fantastic and flattering look. The prints are always highly artistic and often quirky. The vintage 1970’s body shirts are great for parties but also a very edgy look, best suited to skinny young men. We have sold these all around the world, including to a big show for Broadway in New York. 

Western style shirts are also a good option as a party and festival shirt for their cool style and energized prints. The prints are all so unique and interesting, and have Aztec and primitive culture vibes, which always go down well at a festival. Being long sleeve, they are a good choice for cooler weather. These shirts look really good tucked in with a plain jacket over the top, because the prints are so striking. 

Wearing vintage shirts to festivals is a really good choice, because you’ll feel more free to have fun and not worry about getting dirty, plus you’ll be guaranteed nobody else there will be wearing the same thing.

Be assured, whatever style you go for, that if you buy it from Cult Bravery, you’ll be receiving a shirt with great character!