Vintage Unique Party Accessories


Accessories can make or break a look, elevate, transform, inspire and even be a conversation starter. We at Cult Bravery love to play with fashion and experimenting with new and vintage accessories is a great way to do it, without breaking the bank. If you have the key pieces of your wardrobe sorted, why not try giving your look a new slant and reinterpretation with an accessory that says something new about you. 

Unique Hats For Guys and Girls

Starting at the top and working your way down the body, we sell hats. In-store we have a huge range of hats, with over 30 styles in stock at any time. Hats add drama and a bit of swagger to any look. Friends in hats are always more appealing characters, right? We sell much Australian-made wool felt hats for men, such as fedora and porkpie styles with contrasting bands, feather sprigs and buckles. We also stock the Carlos Santana range, which is quirkily and dashingly detailed, perfect for musicians and artists who want to take their style stakes to the next level. Another range we love is our Jacaru leather hats, which are the true blue Cattle Man Cowboy style. These are trimmed in many different finishes, from plaited bands to fancy conchos in the shape of bullheads. For a more paired-down look, our suede varieties are always a good option. Bucket hats have taken off as a new style favourite for the younger crowd, who love a bit of irony while keeping the sun off their face. Our flame print bucket hats are really something to love and are quite unique. Skippers caps, also known as fisherman's caps have been popular for a while now because they are such a transformational piece, that tends to suit anyone, guy or girl. Our corduroy beanies are another winner and are a fresh look if you’re looking for something new. And for the ladies, we always have a massive range of berets, in plain and patterned wools, vinyl 60’s looks berets and baker boy caps, and animal prints in velveteen. 

Party Jewels and Vintage Accessories

Party Jewels are a speciality Cult Bravery is passionate about. We stock the perfect pieces for those special occasions where you want to stand out and look unique and be the envy of all of your friends. Check out our huge range of earrings online, which are perfect for parties, festivals and special occasions, and are also great gifts. Our range is unique and you won’t see anyone else in the same thing. We also sell inexpensive novelty earrings, which are great for injecting a bit of fun and irony into your outfit. Our range includes cigarette earrings, fruits such as lemon, lime and orange slices and big yellow smiley face earrings. In stores, we also sell flapper headbands, cigarette holders and pearl necklaces. For festivals and showgirl costumes we sell hand-beaded chokers and beaded bracelets with bells on them.

Party and Dress-Up Gloves

Have you checked out our great range of lacey gloves and gauntlets online? Apart from basic long black satin gloves, we also sell fishnet gloves, metallic finish opera gloves, tasselled stripper gloves, Suddenly Susan Madonna fingerless gloves and gothic lace gauntlets. 

Unique Party and Festival Belts

Belts are another speciality of ours. We always have at least 20 in our range in stores. Popular right now is wide elastic cinch belts, worn to cinch the waist in the fashion of a corset. They usually feature buckles or lacing at the front. On the other end of the spectrum, belly chains and thin chain belts are also popular, as seen on runways around the world. A throwback to the 1970s and then reinvented in Y2K this is a classy and elegant look. One of our best-selling belts, that will really set you apart, is the very unique couture punk style long fringed leatherette belt with massive gold pirate style buckles.

Festival Vintage Bum Bags

If you are looking for somewhere to store your gear, uninhibited, hands-free so you can get on the dancefloor, a bum bag is a must at a dance party or festival. And what better look is there than a vintage designer branded bag, made from recycled material. Each one is handmade from vintage fabrics and authentic designer labels so are completely unique. They are well made with 3 zip sections and a sturdy waist belt. We also sell other low-priced bum bags, and all have something interesting about them, whether it be the shape, texture or print. 

Men's Braces and Retro Suspenders

If you’re chasing a new fashion experience, suspenders are something you should try. Women love men in suspenders, and it creates a suave, noir, respectable look like no other. We have all sorts in stock, from fun party braces to retro button hole suspenders, to complete a 1920’s party gangster look. 

Whatever kind of festival, party or unique fashion accessories you are looking for, please consider our carefully curated collection.