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Cult Bravery has been providing Melbourne lads with the most unique, covetable and on-point mens vintage shirts, for over a decade. We are always passionate about the endless array of vintage shirts that come through our warehouse. Men’s Vintage Shirts are one of our favourite categories of vintage to buy and sell. There are still so many fantastic shirts out there that are ready for a second life. Men’s vintage has gained popularity in the past 10 years, and there’s still so much great stuff that’s being unearthed.

Whereas women have worn out a lot of the best fashions from previous eras there’s still plenty of good stuff around for the blokes. We pride ourselves on hand choosing the best shirts around and only selling shirts that are in very good condition. Men’s vintage shirts always look better when they’re worn in a bit anyway, so why not save money and get the look you want without having to break something in. We offer several key styles of men’s vintage shirts. One of the most popular and personal favourite styles of vintage mens shirts at the moment is the fantastic vintage Western cowboy shirt.

Vintage Shirts Men

The western vintage shirts men have always been an iconic wardrobe staple, conjuring up a sense of adventure, masculine strength and courage, Hollywood movies and damn fine style. It has signature pointed yokes on the front and the back, longer tails, dual chest pockets with pointed flaps, pearl snap closures down the front and pearl snapped cuffs. Brands such as the most famous Wrangler, Levi’s, and Panhandle Slim are all USA brands we offer, that have made an extraordinary, imaginative array of Western shirts, taking inspiration from the art of American Indian tribes, and the ancient Aztecs. The rich colours used in the thick cotton shirts really pack a punch and these are great items to collect, for the beautiful array of colours and patterns. Western-style shirts are a great option as a party and festival shirt for their cool style and attractive prints. The prints are all so unique and interesting, and we particularly love those with Aztec and primitive culture vibes, which always go down well at a festival. Being long sleeves, they are a good choice for cooler weather. These western shirts look really good tucked in with a plain jacket over the top because the prints are so striking. The storied history of the Western shirt makes it easy to see why it remains one of the most popular pieces in the fashion world.

Vintage Men’s Shirts Online

Another popular vintage mens shirts are the always classic vintage Hawaiian shirt. Hawaiian shirts, also known as "aloha shirts," were never designed with "fashion" in mind. Aloha shirts, in all their brightly coloured, energetically printed, fabulously tacky, once-kitschy beauty, are still seen on the street and on the runways today. The aloha shirt, on the other hand, has a history that is both complex and interesting. Every man should experience the laid-back joy of a soft, comfortable, energetic printed Hawaiian shirt, which is a celebration of fun in the sun, or sunset! We mostly buy Hawaiian shirts that are made in Hawaii because these have the most interesting, well-executed prints and the highest quality fabrics. This is because they have been making them there since the early part of the 20th century and generations of artisans have passed on the trade. A good Hawaiian shirt will always have real coconut buttons, which is a great way of using a natural by-product, local to the area they are made in. It’s a good environmental choice. We love rayon Hawaiian shirts. These are super soft, are a mostly natural fibre, are breathable and moisture resistant, don’t crease easily and can hold very rich colours in them.

For wardrobe staples, we offer high-quality cotton vintage button up shirts, by only the best brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s. These come in plain colours, checks and pinstripes and cover you from the office to the pub, to the wedding.

Here’s our new and exclusive range of mens vintage shirts. Holographic party shirt, with 3-dimensional orbs patterns, comes in both long and short sleeves in silver and gold colour. The quality of this party shirt is high and this could be worn anywhere from a festival to a Studio 54 party through to weddings. The material feels nice and looks expensive. It's hard to capture the colour and pattern in the photos but it's hypnotic and fun. Animal print mesh shirts are perfect for clubs, festivals, resorts, weddings, parties, anything! We have them available in black and red. Our sheer animal print mesh shirts are a sultry choice. They're made of mesh and are semitransparent, so they can be worn with or without clothing underneath. These have a rock star vibe about them, and they'd be perfect for an outdoor festival.

At Cult Bravery, you will always find an inspiring selection of the fascinating men’s vintage shirts such as mens 60s shirt and mens 70s shirts to add to or begin your collection. There are so many fantastic styles of vintage shirts worth discovering and we hope you can find something you love. Be assured, whatever style you go for, that if you buy it from Cult Bravery, you’ll be receiving a shirt with great character.