Vintage Levi's High Waist Flare Jeans, 29' 10-12 Aus

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We are so excited to share this fabulous new design, which is the answer to all your baggy prayers! These jeans have been have been professionally re-modified from 2 vintage pairs, to create an extra baggy fit, with a unique 2 tone look. They have a high rise waist and a massive ankle width of 35-40cm! There are small hip pockets and the back features fantastic designer look imprint of pockets. They have a frayed hem and we've left all the loose threads s you can cut them how you like. The Levis badge on the back of the waist may show a different sizing and style code if it's been recycled from a different pair of jeans.

The condition is very good with no visible flaws.
The last 4 photos (on the hanger) are the pair you will receive.
All jeans come freshly laundered.

The size is a true 29', size 10-12 Aus women, the length is regular. Please check the size of the seat (hips and rear) will work for you. Keep in mind, there is no stretch in the fabric.

Finding the right size for you..
To ensure the best fit, please compare the measurements below to another pair of jeans which fit you well. Remember that this pair will have zero stretch in them. Otherwise measure the smallest part of your waist to find your size in inches. This will get you a very slim fit, if you want something with a more relaxed fit, add an inch.

Measurements of the garment while its lying flat.
Waist- 37 cm / 29 inches
Rise- 33cm/ 13 inch
Seat- width across front- 55 cm/ 21.5 inches
Inside leg length- 72cm/ 28 inch
Ankle width - 39cm/ 15.5 inch

Buying second hand jeans is a really smart choice. You get the aged character of the denim that can takes years of wear to achieve and it makes a significant difference to saving the planet. The environmental impact of manufacturing jeans is really high. Huge amounts of water and chemicals are used. Plus you save money, which always feels good!


Vintage Baggy Jeans

In the early 90’s, baggy pants on young men were seen but they remained essentially a “underground” style worn by a few people on the cutting edge of fashion until hip-hop overtook grunge as the dominating music form among urban teens.

Young people now asked that jeans which had long been a staple of casual outfit be made as loose as possible with waistbands several sizes too large to expose the upper band of underwear. Baggy jeans were introduced by retailers such as Gap and Old Navy. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger designed a “urban prep” line based on a street look he saw where baggy denim was worn with a plain white button-up shirts.

The reason behind the popularity of baggy jeans differ. Some believe that hip-hop trend-setters chose the look to imitate the pants that inmates are given when they are imprisoned. According to this idea, sagging pants are due to the fact that prison inmates are not allowed to wear belts for fear of hanging themselves in their cells. Others claim that the trend for baggy jeans started with basketball players like Michael Jordan who grew tired of the National Basketball Association’s mandatory short shorts and began to wear longer, baggier shorts. Others still claim that baggy jeans originated in the skating and snowboarding communities where athletes required freedom of mobility while also wishing to stand out. The baggy jeans trend, whatever its origins had a major effect on the sportswear sector. 

Levis Jeans

Levi’s Jeans which was late to produce baggy jeans had a 15% drop in sales between 1996 and 1998. In 2003, while hip-hop trends remained popular there were evidence that the trend was returning to form-fitting and low-rise boot cut jeans, or jeans that fit low on waist and flare out at the ankle. The difference between bell-bottom and wide-leg jeans is that bell-bottom jeans have a more hourglass figure due to the tightness around the thighs and knees, while the wide-leg jeans have a more triangle shape due to the gradual flare.

Baggy Levis Jeans Online Australia

What was once old has become fresh again, and this fashion staple is no exception. The incredibly baggy jeans trend from the 1990’s is back and our favorite celebrities are rocking it in their own different way. Check out how today’s celebrities are styling this revived trend from decades ago, from wearing crop tops to going all out with loose classic t-shirts. Kendall Jenner worn baggy jeans paired with a tiny cropped knit top and finished it with casual sneakers and a cap. Gigi Hadid paired the pants with a set of retro boots, a white bandeau top and a striped denim button-down shirt and wore layered necklaces and fabulous sunglasses. Rihanna paired it with a thick button down denim shirt and a white open-toed pointy sandals, wore diamond rings and chunky diamond hoop earrings. The baggy jeans trend is not only favored by celebrities but it also become a staple in the Y2K era fandom paired with baby tees and chunky shoes.

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We estimate our sizes based on these charts. Measure yourself to find out your size.

We also provide measurements of the garment in the description, and
suggest you grab a tape measure and compare the size to something
similar of your own, to best gauge how it will fit.

We pride ourselves on the high standard of our vintage items and will not offer anything for sale that looks too worn out, has noticeable stains or needs repairs.  However, being vintage, you should expect that most items will have signs of general wash and wear.  We inspect every item carefully and will describe any noticeable faults, such as holes, marks or fading in the listings. 

How we rate the condition...

Brand New- Newly made products.

Excellent- Flawless, no signs of wear.

Very good-slightly worn, or a negligible fault that is not obvious.

Good- may have some wear and/or minor fading, small marks,stains, minor pilling,  a few stitches missing etc.

Fair- Has obvious flaws, however is still wearable and/or collectable.  Faults will be outlined in the listing.


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