Tops & Vests


Explore our unique selection of tops and vests, fit for any occasion, whether it be on the dance floor in the club, braving the great outdoors at a festival, casual dates, costume partiers or day to day wear.

You never know when it could be your last party for a long time, so we suggest you make the most of it and make this your time to shine. Take any opportunity you can to celebrate with the ones you love because we’ve all learned over this last year it’s not something you can take for granted. If you’re looking for a new outfit for this weekend, or whenever, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for going out tops to wear with jeans in the form of sequins or lace, or fancy a long-sleeved style to pair with your new favourite denim, we’ve got everything your wardrobe is probably calling out for. We’ve got plunge tops, sweet vintage style knits, sheer lace and high neck numbers for those jeans and a nice top kind of events.


Our range of stretchy sheer tops are very versatile and great for layering. They can add an extra colour or texture to your look, soften things up, create a great bohemian look or spice things up with nothing worn underneath. We have retro floral, sparkly lurex and beautiful lace designs, in a full colour range in store. Feel free to enquire about these.

We also have a great selection of flirty fun bustier tops. They have inbuilt padding so are great for maintaining shape without the need for a bra, just the spaghetti straps in the top. The feather trimmed bustiers are flirty and fun and add a touch of glamour without the fuss. They look great simply paired with jeans and some dazzling earrings. You can create a glamourous look, without trying too hard!

The tassle bustiers we have are also easy wear but high impact in the glamour stakes. They have an exotic feel to them and the tassles are an alluring weapon on the dance floor!


Our glomesh tops are forever in hot demand. They are the ultimate sexy party top and will turn every head in the room. They have been a style staple since the 1970’s, where they become the most glamourous garment of the disco scene, and were the hottest look at Studio 54, the most iconic New York club of the era. The disco began in the 1970s and was memorable for its hot pants look and Spandex tops. Shiny clinging Lycra stretch disco pants in dazzlin shiny colours with stretch sequin bandeau tops were often influenced by professional modern dance wear that found itself making an impact in discos as disco dancing became serious. Gold lame, leopard skin and stretch halter jumpsuits and white clothes and light reflecting fabrics that glowed in Ultra Violet lights capture the 70s Disco fashion perfectly.


For the more adventurous fashionista we offer some true vintage pieces from our favourite eras. From the 70’s hippy Woodstock era we have suede and leather vests and tops which are great to wear to festivals now. Nothing compares to the look of 50 year old suede and leather, it’s the real deal and will give you an authentic vibe like no other.

Our 80’s and 90’s vests are effortlessly cool and easy to wear. You can achieve that individual look with a denim vest that has patches or applique, that no one else will have. It can be your very own signature piece.

Another favorite we stock are vintage pure silk blouses, with hand embroidery. These have a classic timeless beauty and make anyone ooze grace. The work on them is a dying art you don’t see much on new garments and if you do, you pay a pretty penny for them! We have a huge range in our stores, of short and long sleeve, in a variety of colours. It takes about 500 silk worms to make a single kilo of raw silk. One of the softest fabrics on the planet, shiny, breathable and comfortable, silk has been a highly prized cloth since it was first harvested thousands of years ago. While silk is lustrous and lightweight, it’s also impressively strong, with one filament of silk being stronger than a comparable filament of steel.

It’s hard to find the perfect top that won’t go out of style. We focus on timeless looks that you can keep wearing again and again, and then pass it on to the next generation.

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